About Us

At Nu Coffee, we are committed to delivering the freshest coffee to our customers. Our beans are meticulously roasted to order and shipped out promptly. We scour the globe for the best farms and employ advanced roasting techniques for perfection in every cup. Our passion for coffee has earned us a reputation as a top-tier brand, synonymous with superior quality and freshness. For an unparalleled coffee experience, choose Nu Coffee.

Discover the rich history of coffee with Nu Coffee. Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, has developed its own unique culture surrounding this beloved drink. At Nu Coffee, we are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality blends from this legendary land.

Join us in experiencing the traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony, a celebration of togetherness that brings happiness and satisfaction to all five senses. See the preparation process, smell the beans as they roast, touch the rounded cups as you drink, taste the perfectly brewed coffee, and hear the satisfying sound of sipping.

Our great Ethiopian blends offer the ultimate satisfaction of the Five Senses. At Nu Coffee, we invite you to indulge in the passion of coffee and savor our finest offerings.